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LAUNDERETTE - For Self Service Washing and Tumble Drying

Update: Following the fire on 18/11/2016, we have finished the works in April 2018 and are back open for business from 30/04/2018. We have made some exciting changes in our machinery setup. Due to commercial reasons and the changes in our customer demands, we had to discontinue our self service coin-operated machines. Instead we now have fully automatic self dispensing laundry machines that would weigh the garments during the wash and only use the relevant amount of water and detergents. The detergents we use are plant based and suitable for sensitive skin. We can still use your own detergents should you wish to.

How our laundry service works?

You can use our Wash Dry Fold service. Your garments will be washed in our new laundry machines, dried in our new heat sensitive tumble dryers, folded and stacked into Tops, Jeans/Bottoms, Bedding & Towels, innerwear and your socks paired too! For more information about its prices please click here.


You can use our just wash or just wash & dry service. Your garments are placed in your bag after wash and not folded. Price from £1.20 per kg including detergent liquid and fabric conditioner. Minimum 4 kg load.


You can use our just dry service. Your garments are dried and folded neatly. Prices from £4.50 for a small load (includes drying time)

Please ask in store for help with our services and prices.

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