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Introducing our new Drop Off Self Laundry Service

For the customers who like to use own detergents and fabric conditioners we have introduced a new Just Wash and Just Dry service. Customers can now enjoy just dropping off their laundry and don't need to wait for 1-2 hours to finish your laundry. You can run your errands while we run the laundry machines for you. When you come to drop off, we will weigh your garments to be washed and will give you the price to be paid upfront in cash. For just dry service, we will estimate the drying time. You do not need to bring coins in change as you can now pay at our till! 

Just Wash service. Your garments are placed in your bag after wash and not folded. Price from £4.50. Minimum 4 kg load. Please bring your own detergent liquid and fabric softener or we can add them for extra £1.50. 

Just Dry service. Your garments are dried and placed in your bag and not folded. Price from £2.50 for 20 minutes.

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